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CRS EB/CH: Survey #2

Coastal Resilience Solutions for East Boston and Charlestown

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What is this survey for? 
This survey walks through the same feedback questions presented in the first Open House (April 29, 2021) for the project Coastal Resilience Solutions for East Boston and Charlestown. The Coastal Resilience Solutions project will identify neighborhood solutions to coastal flooding from sea level rise and coastal storms in East Boston and Charlestown. This study, Phase 2, will build on the flood protection ideas that were created in 2017 as part of the Phase 1 study. The goal of the project is to develop a thorough plan for future protection from coastal flooding that includes a practical to-do list for next steps in East Boston and Charlestown. The project will continue through Summer 2021.

How will my feedback be used?
So far in the project, the project team has analyzed the timing and location of where coastal flooding happens in each neighborhood. From that analysis, we know WHERE and HOW TALL flood protection may need to be, but there have been no decisions made on WHAT the solutions will look like. We want to hear from you on what kind of changes you want to see in your neighborhood waterfront, and what your resilience priorities are. Based on your input, the project team will develop options for the waterfront that incorporate the type of solutions community members want to see in East Boston and Charlestown. Emerging themes and trends from the feedback will be shared on the project website and future meetings, so you can see what others are saying and confirm if the project team is interpreting the feedback in a way that feels true to your neighborhood.

How long will this survey take?
The survey will take approximately 10 minutes per area. This survey is organized into focus areas within the neighborhoods of East Boston and Charlestown. For each area, you will see:
  1. A map that shows what flooding will look like during a severe coastal storm (like a nor’easter or hurricane)  with 40 inches of sea level rise (projected around 2070s) if there are no interventions
  2. A chance to select images of solution types you would like to see
  3. A chance to rate your flood resilience priorities
  4. An open-ended place for you to share any other ideas/thoughts
What if I want more background information first?
If you would like, you can first watch a video that walks through an explanation of the flood risks for each neighborhood for present day, 9 inches of sea level rise, and 40 inches of sea level rise conditions. Each video is about 10 minutes long:

Get started by selecting which areas you’re interested in and clicking ‘next’ below. 

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