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Fiber-to-the-Home (Broadband) Interest Form

1. Basic Monthly Costs

FTTH service rates would have to be set at a level sufficient to recover capital build-out costs and to sustain operation and maintain requirement for network upkeep. 
How much would you be willing to pay each month for fiber internet only service (up to 1 Gig of bandwidth, not including television or phone)? Please consider a land-line phone service could cost approximately $20 per month. *This question is required.
2. One-Time Installation Costs

Depending on how far you are from the fiber loop, installation costs for individual homes will vary widely. Similar to electric service, HG&E will likely install the necessary infrastructure up to the side of the house. The cost of any wiring done inside your residence may not be included. If you are renting, HG&E will need permission from your landlord. 
How much would you be willing to pay to cover initial installation costs? *This question is required.
3. Cut the Cord & Stream Entertainment (TV/Video)

In an effort to understand the willingness to "cut the cord" and stream television and video entertainment over the Internet, we want to make customers aware of the associated expenses. 

For TV, the cost of Internet streaming services can range from free to as much as $200 a month. As an example, Hulu + Live TV costs $64.99 per month and includes all the major networks (ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC); local news channels (Channel 22, Channel 40, CW, Fox, Telemundo); Sports Networks (like ESPN, FS1, NESN); News Channels (like CNN, FOX, MSNBC), many others (like Discovery, the Food Network, HGTV, TLC, USA), plus a movie library and original shows. However, there are extra monthly charges for additions like no ads for $6, more than two screens for $9.99, HBO Max for $14.99, and seven additional Spanish language channels at $4.99. These costs are estimates and subject to change throughout the course of this interest campaign. 

Please indicate your level of comfort with streaming technologies.
*This question is required.
4. Customers will need an Optical Network Terminal (ONT), similar to a cable modem, and WiFi router, which you may be able to rent from HG&E for approximately $10 per month. If you'd prefer to purchase the equipment, the ONT and router would cost approximately $200. If you do not have a smart, internet-ready television you will need to buy a device like a Roku. If you are switching from Xfinity, you will give up your traditional remote and stream entertainment in a new way. *This question is required.
5. Express Interest

Considering the information within this form, would you be willing to cut the cord and subscribe to residential fiber internet if it was offered by HG&E? See FAQ for more information.  *This question is required.
6. Why are you interested in internet only fiber-to-the-home? Please select all that apply *This question is required.
7. In the next phase of our research, HG&E may request a refundable deposit from customers who have indicated interest on this form. Would you be willing to pay a $100 deposit in order to confirm your interest in this service? *This question is required.
9. Contact information
This question requires a valid email address.

Are you an HG&E customer?

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12. Do you rent or own your home? *This question is required.
13. Please indicate your age. *This question is required.