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COVID-19 Vaccine Train-the-Trainer Registration

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This page is to be updated bi-weekly to reflect the most current COVID-19 Vaccine 101 Training DOHMH Events.
The NYC Department of Health welcomes community/faith-based organizations, city agencies, and other partners providing health education/navigation to disproportionately impacted communities to particpate in one of our weekly 60-minute sessions about the COVID-19 vaccine.

The sessions will include a presentation and Q&A aimed to:
  • Direct participants to resources/trusted reference sites for vaccine information
  • Respond to questions about when, where, and how to get vaccinated

COVID-19 Vaccine Train-the-Trainer are now by request only. 
Use the COVID-19 Connect to submit a request for your organizaiton or coalition to cohost a training.

Below are COVID-19 Vaccine train-the-trainer sessions associated with .
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