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2023 Building for Growth Initial Application

2023 Building for Growth Application Form

Thank you for your interest in Building for Growth (BFG)! Please fill out the application below for the 2023 BFG program. Once you submit the application, it will direct you to a Calendly page where you can select a time for an interview with a BFG representative. We look forward to speaking with you!

Program Criteria
To be eligible for the BFG program, your company must be:
  • An independent, for-profit corporation in the construction industry
  • At least 51% BIPOC- and/or woman-owned
  • Have annual revenues of $1MM-$10MM or be on course to reach or exceed $2MM within the next 3 years

2023 BFG Schedule & Time Commitment
BFG is an 18-week program with weekly virtual classes. Classes take place every Tuesday from 1-3pm PT (4-6pm ET). The total time commitment for the program is roughly 35-45 hours.

We are offering two BFG cohorts in 2023:
  1. Cohort 1 (West Coast-focused): start date April 25
  2. Cohort 2 (National): start date July 25
While Cohort 1 will focus principally on businesses headquartered on the West Coast, businesses from other geographies can apply to participate in this cohort as well. Cohort 2 will recruit businesses nationwide. 

Upon completion of the program, participants will become part of ICIC's Inner City Alumni Network (ICAN), which empowers and serves ICIC's 6000+ alumni by providing ongoing learning and professional development, visibility and recognition, and a network through which they may explore collaboration and contracting opportunities
1. Which 2023 BFG cohort would you like to apply to? *This question is required.
Each BFG cohort is capped at ~50 businesses. If we are not able to accommodate you in Cohort 1, would you be open to participating in Cohort 2?  *This question is required.
2. To qualify for this program, your company must be 51+% BIPOC-owned OR 51%+ woman-owned. Please indicate if you meet this qualification. Proof of ownership will be required in the final application. *This question is required.
3. Is your company an independent, for-profit corporation in the construction industry? *This question is required.The BFG program is designed for construction businesses in the trades (e.g. electrical subcontractor, painting contractor, GCs, etc.). Design-build firms also qualify.