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NMEA Chapter Submission - Spring 2023

Chapter Submission


This New Member Education Assessment (NMEA) Certification form is for all Beta Theta Pi chapters, whether actively recruiting members this semester or not. This form is for both Local and Son of the Stars (SOTS) programs.

Your program will be reviewed and certified by an Administrative Office staff member.  The more accurate and complete your materials are, the easier and more efficient this process will be.  This submission does not count as Certification - your reviewer will be in touch with you and let you know when your program is ready to be certified.  

Keep in mind a few guidelines:
  • Spring program certification must be complete by February 15th or two weeks prior to induction, whichever is first. 
  • We strongly encourage all local programs to use the provided template when submitting their program. It will be required starting in Fall 2023.