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2023 Scholarship Application

Your Privacy is Important to us:
Centinel Bank respects the privacy rights of our online applicants and recognizes the importance of protecting all information that you choose to share with us. We collect and use the personal information you provide for the review of our scholarship applications and to contact you should we need to. Your information will be used for this purpose only and will not be shared with others except as necessary for the use of web-based systems, Alchemer and Citrix Sharefile FileBox, which we use to administer the application process. These third-party systems maintain their own privacy policies which limit sharing of personal information to be only as needed for purpose of operating the systems. Anyone wishing to apply for our scholarship who is under the age of 14 and eligible to apply must provide us with parental consent prior to submitting this application.  Please contact us at (575) 758-6700 for further instructions.

Centinel Bank’s privacy policy is available for your review on our website: <>. In addition, privacy policies for the administrative systems used for this online application are available at <> and <>.
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