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2023 Global Mentoring Walk Registration

Introduction, Terms & Conditions

As a member of the Vital Voices Global Leadership Network, Vital Voices would like to invite you to organize a Global Mentoring Walk in your community in celebration of International Women's Day.

Mentoring Walk organizers, known as Flag Bearers, are responsible for organizing a Mentoring Walk event for a given calendar year. Flag Bearers determine the size and scope of their Mentoring Walk, recruit and organize participants, fundraise and plan logistics for the walk event. Flag Bearers are also responsible for collaborating with Vital Voices in their Mentoring Walk planning process by communicating event activities and outcomes to Vital Voices staff.

This year, Vital Voices will be hosting our Global Mentoring Walk on March 4th. We would love to have as many events as possible joining us, but we understand that not everyone can organize during the week. If you are unable to organize on the 4th, we are encouraging Flag Bearers to if possible organize around the 5th instead. 

Registering Your Mentoring Walk Events
  • All information will be stored in a secure database.
  • This questionnaire should take approximately 20 minutes
  • If you are working on a team, please have only one Flag Bearer from your team fill out the registration.
  • Para registrarse en español, haga clic en el botón que dice English en la esquina superior derecha para cambiar el idioma. Vea el kit de recursos en españ aquí.
  • Para se inscrever em português, clique no botão que diz inglês no canto superior direito para alterar o idioma. Veja o kit de recursos em português aqui.
Terms of Participation
By signing below, you have read and agreed to the above information and understand that:
  • Financial Terms & Conditions: Vital Voices Global Partnership is not providing monetary sponsorship for the Global Mentoring Walk. As a Mentoring Walk organizer, I understand that I will be responsible for funding the walk.
  • Network Collaboration Agreement: I agree to include other members of the Vital Voices network and affiliate organizations as partners and full participants in my Mentoring Walk event.
  • Appearance, Photo & Content Release: I understand that by sharing any images, videos, quotes and other collateral with Vital Voices, I am are agreeing that Vital Voices will be a co-owner of, and shall have copyrights to, any such recordings, photographs, quotes and other content and may use this content for promotional materials, media coverage and any other way they see fit.
  • Release and Waiver of Liability: I, on my own behalf, and on behalf of my heirs and assigns, expressly release Vital Voices, its affiliates, its subsidiaries, and any of their respective directors, officers, and employees (collectively, “Vital Voices”), as well as any of vital voices’ licensees, contractors, sponsors, successors, and assigns (collectively, the “related parties”), from liability for all claims, demands, or causes of action, known or unknown, that relate in any manner to my participation in the program, whether caused by negligence or otherwise. in addition, I expressly waive, relinquish, and discharge any claims I may have against vital voices or the related parties relating to from my participation in the program, including any claims for property damage, personal injury, or loss of life, or for workers compensation or other benefits.
  • Compliance: I agree to comply with all relevant laws and regulations. I intend to follow the instructions, rules, and directions relating to the Program, whether communicated to me verbally or in writing.
I acknowledge that by signing this form, I am registering to be a Flag Bearer for the 2023 Global Mentoring Walks for my city.

Vital Voices will be in touch with you to communicate next steps after completing the survey.