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2023 Nex-Tech Scholarship Application

Scholarship Application Checklist
1. Form.  2. Presentation.  3. One Letter of Recommendation.
Please submit letter of recommendation with the application.
February 6, 2023: Postmarked, submitted online, or hand-delivered to the Lenora Office. If hand-delivered, please call 877-625-7872 to confirm the Lenora office hours. Late applications will not be accepted.

Fields marked with an * are required.
This question requires a valid email address.
Eligibility VerificationEligible Services: Landline Phone, Internet, TV
e.g. A video to share my passion for technology.
How will you submit your presentation and letter of recommendation? *This question is required.
Upload your Presentation - Word, PowerPoint or PDFPlease name your presentation file using the following format:
Last Name_First Name_Presentation

Max file size: 10 MB
Are you linking to Google Document?  *This question is required.
If linking to Google Docs, please follow these instructions to change your Share permissions.
Click the Share button in the upper right
Then click - Advanced
Then click - Change - under Who has Access
Then check - On - Anyone with the Link
Please upload one Letter of Recommendation

Upload Letter *This question is required.Please name your letter files using the following format:
Last Name_First Name_RecLetter1
Complete the application form and click ‘Submit Application’ below.

Mail or hand-deliver your presentation, letter of recommendation, and a copy of the email you receive confirming the application form submission to:
Nex-Tech Scholarship Committee
P.O. Box 158
145 N. Main
Lenora, KS 67645
Please take a moment to review your application for accuracy.
Due to the file size of attachments, it may take a moment to submit. Please don't leave this page until you receive the "Thank You" message.