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IPPF Externally Led Patient Focused Drug Development Meeting Survey

Thank you for taking this survey. You are invited to participate in this survey to help the IPPF better understand your disease experience. The survey information will be shared with IPPF stakeholders like the FDA, drug development companies and researchers to help illustrate the need for Patient-focused Drug Development. Your participation is completely voluntary. This survey will take approximately 6 -8 minutes to complete.



If you decide to take part, you will be asked to answer some questions relating to your disease. The IPPF may access your data. No direct or indirect identifiers will be collected, which means that your individual information will not be presented to the public in any form. Your anonymous electronic data on local computers/laptops and/or removable drivers will be stored with appropriate electronic safeguards, such as unique usernames/passwords, and limited to authorized IPPF personnel. Data will be retained for record keeping purposes.

If you understand the purpose of the survey and consent to participate, please start the survey. In other words, if you understand the purpose of the survey and start it, this means that youhave consented to participate in this study. If you would not like to participate, please simply close the web page. If you would like to quit during the survey, please close the web page any time you want, and no information will be saved before your formal submission. Only one submission is allowed for each IP address.

If you have any questions regarding this survey, please contact