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WIFS Project '36 Career Changer Survey

Women in Insurance & Financial Services’ Project ’36 initiative is focused on the “Attract” component of our mission statement (to attract, develop and advance women in our industry). Through this initiative we want to identify the most effective ways of attracting women to the insurance and financial services field. 

Project ’36 has two pillars.   
  • Pillar 1 focus is on students and recent graduates still deciding on a career.
  • Pillar 2 focus is on career changers (defined as experienced financial service professionals who changed to this career more than 3 years ago).
The following survey is in support of Pillar 2 work.

Please complete this survey ONLY if you:
  • have been working in insurance/financial services for at least three years AND
  • transitioned to this industry from a different career (including stay-at-home parent). 
Your information will help us inspire more women who are looking for a career change. 

Thank you for participating!
1. What is your current position?
2. How many years have you been in the insurance/financial services industry?
3. What professional designations do you hold? Please check all that apply.
4. What was your previous career field?
5. What were the top three reasons you wanted a career change?
6. Where did you go for information/to whom did you talk to explore your career options? Please check all that apply.
7. What led you to the financial services field?
8. What were the top three reasons you selected this career?
9. What skills used in your prior careers were transferable to your current role? Please check all that apply.
10. How do you define success today? Please check your top four.
11. What four things have been the most gratifying part of this career for you? 
12. What industry organizations are you a member of? Please check all that apply.
14. Who pays for your membership(s)?
15. If your employer or someone is paying for your membership, would you still be a member if this were not the case?
16. Are you actively and regularly engaged in your association(s)?
17. Are you willing to share your story to help us spread the word about insurance and financial services careers to other women looking for a change? If so, please tell us how to reach you. (Your contact information will NOT be shared.)