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Research on SPM Solution Providers

About this research

This survey gathers feedback from current clients of sales performance management (SPM) systems. The survey identifies key issues related to these solutions' offerings, capabilities, and effectiveness, based on input from their practitioner users.

Condition of Participation
Research participants are asked to complete an online survey requiring approximately ten minutes, and may optionally elect to participate in a brief telephone follow-up interview.

Participation Eligibility
The study is open to management practitioners responsible for developing, supporting, or managing a sales force in a firm with annual revenues greater than US$10 million. Target participants are involved in incentive compensation design, planning, or administration, or the planning and administration of sales territories, quotas, or performance reporting. The survey is not open to analysts, consultants, or vendors marketing technology solutions or professional services in the sales performance management solution category.

Participants receive:
As a thank you for participating in this research, Sales Management Association offers the following to qualified respondents:
  • A one-year Individual membership in the Sales Management Association (normally US$395.00).
  • The previously publish report on this topic from February 2022.
  • A copy of the new report, expected in March 2023.
  • An invitation to attend a special webcast discussing the most recent findings in March 2023

Survey results are only reported in aggregate, and never in a way that would compromise the identity of any single respondent. All individual respondent data are treated with strict confidentiality, and will not be distributed.
1. To receive the deliverables listed above, please provide your name, organization name, and email address.
Sales Management Association uses your email and company name to ...
  • verify that you meet the research initiative's eligibility requirements
  • provide membership information (participants receive a one-year associate membership in the Sales Management Association)
Sales Management Association DOES NOT ...
  • Share your individual information.
  • Share your email address
  • Share your individual survey responses
  • Share your company name 
  • Retain your responses after the study's conclusion
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