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I-5/US 2 Planning Study

Project questions

To help us complete this planning study, we want to hear about your current experiences traveling through the interchange and also what you want to see out of this project. Your feedback is an important part of the future planning of the region.
1. What modes of transportation do you use on a regular basis? You may select more than one answer.
3. What improvements to the I-5/US 2 interchange are the most important to you? You may select more than one answer.
8. As we plan for the future of the I-5/US 2 interchange how much would you like to be involved?
9. Which of the following would be most helpful to keep you up-to-date and engaged throughout the project? You may select more than one answer.
10. If community involvement for the I-5/US 2 Interchange Planning Study project uses mostly online tools (such as a website, online meetings, and online surveys) in response to public health concerns, does this change your interest or ability to be involved?