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"I Am The Law" Sponsorship Interest Form

We're offering seven total sponsorship message spots for the 52-episode library of the "I Am The Law" podcast from LawHub. Each message will appear on all 52 episodes in the podcast library from January 1, 2023 (or earlier) until March 31, 2023. The sponsorship message will be read by one of the "I Am The Law" hosts. These sponsorships will only be sold for the three-month period noted above.

At a later time, we will offer sponsorships for the April 2023 to June 2023 quarter, as well as create new episodes and offer new episode sponsorships. New episode sponsorships will be sold separately from the library sponsorships. The new episode sponsorship messages will appear on newly published episodes for six weeks. After six weeks, the episode will become part of the "I Am The Law" library.

  1. Sponsorship Guidelines
  2. Sponsorship Benefits
  3. Sample Invoice
2. Primary Contact Information *This question is required.
3. Which library sponsorship spots are you interested in for the upcoming quarter, January 2023 to March 2023? Select all that apply.

Presenting Sponsor: 15-second message before any program content
Zone A Mid-Roll: 25 to 30 second message immediately following the episode introduction
Zone B Mid-Roll: 25 to 30 second message roughly in the middle of each episode

More details about each sponsorship spot are available in the Sponsorship Benefits link above.
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4. Are you interested in library sponsorship in April 2023 and beyond? *This question is required.
5. Are you interested in new episode sponsorship in April 2023 and beyond? *This question is required.