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SFL Committee Expression of Interest

SFL Committee Expression of Interest Form

The SFL has a mandate to educate, promote solidarity, and build organizing capacity on issues affecting our communities.
As part of that mandate, the SFL has developed a number of committees. (Click on the committee's name for more about what they do.)
Education (promotes & sponsors educational opportunities for workers)
Environment (addresses environmental issues)
Indigenous (builds bridges between Indigenous peoples & organized labour)
Occupational Health and Safety/Workers’ Compensation (addresses OH&S & WCB issues)
Pensions & Benefits (addresses pension & benefits issues)  
Solidarity & Pride (supports LGBTQ2S+ workers)
Women’s (addresses issues affecting women & girls)
Workers of Colour (organizes, educates, & empowers workers of colour)
Workers with Disabilities (moves forward issues affecting workers with disabilities) 
Young Workers (ensures young workers are heard & their rights respected)

As an affiliate of the SFL, SEIU-West is entitled to nominate members to serve on these committees. 

If you are interested in serving on a committee, please fill out the following form.