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2022-23 NTN Spotlight School Application


There is a place for everyone in the spotlight! We believe each school in our network, new as well as mature, have practices to share and learn. The spotlight school application is an entry point to seek designation in one or more focus areas. Our goal is to share these practices and evidence with educators in our network, local communities and across the nation. 

The Spotlight School application serves as an entry point to seek designation based on phases of development in one or more of four focus areas. Those focus areas are:

  • Meaningful and Equitable Instruction
  • Purposeful Assessment
  • Supportive and Inclusive Culture
  • College and Career Outcomes

Use this application process to analyze and communicate information about your school practices. Respond to questions in a concise, but specific manner and utilize the attachments area to provide clear evidence related to your work.  Submissions should be compiled by a school team of teachers, administrators, staff and students.  If you would like to save your application, and return to it at another time, simply select the "save and continue" button at the top right hand corner, enter an email, and the link to resume your application will be sent directly to you.  You may use this link at any time, or share it with your team for collaboration.

Feel free to browse the questions, save your answers and return later.  Upon submission of the application, the Spotlight School Review Team will be in contact with you about next steps.  If questions arise, please contact as at, or your NTN Coach.

You are welcome to start the application and save it to come back to later.  Simply click the "Save and Continue" button at the top right of any screen, enter an email, and a link to resume the application will be sent to that email.

3. Please enter the names of the application team for your school.  Please enter up to five (5).
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8. The School Success Rubric includes four Focus Areas.  Which of these do you feel are your school's current greatest strengths or successes?  Please select all you would like to highlight for your school.

On the following pages you will have a chance to share more about this area/these areas, and also include an overall reflection, and student, alumni, or community reflections as well.