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Thematic Call 2022-2025

NDC Partnership Thematic Call on LT-LEDS and NDC alignment, update, and enhancement

The goal of the NDC Partnership Thematic Call on LT-LEDS and NDC alignment, update, and enhancement is to mobilize support for developing member countries to work on two fronts and to operationalize the linkages between:
  • The development and refinement of Long-term, low greenhouse gas and climate-resilient development strategies (LT-LEDS) as per Article 4.19 of the Paris Agreement.
  • The update and enhancement of Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) to raise ambition in line with their LT-LEDs, COP26 outcomes and the latest science.
Developing member countries may access support to work on their NDC and LT-LEDS simultaneously and on a rolling basis throughout the Thematic Call (Q4 2022 - Q4 2025). 

The Thematic Call offers three types of support: 

Stream 1: Preparatory support: this type of support includes the expertise to develop comprehensive plans for LT-LEDS development and/or NDC enhancement, including needs assessment, stakeholder and support mapping, expert review, and preparation of complete requests for support to the NDC Partnership and other initiatives, among others. 

Stream 2: LT-LEDS and NDC development, update, and ambition enhancement: this type of support includes technical assistance for the development or enhancement of LT-LEDS and update/review of NDCs.

Stream 3: Promoting Long-Term Transformation and Action: this type of support includes technical assistance for developing and implementing policies and institutional frameworks that trigger transformation towards long-term resilience and enable a country's just transition to net zero emissions by or around mid-century.

To maximize the impact of the support deployed through the Thematic Call, the Support Unit encourages countries that have not submitted LT-LEDS or are yet to start national, long-term planning processes around LT-LEDS or NDCs, to first request preparatory support. Together, all three support streams should lead to further alignment between NDCs and LT-LEDS. 

This preliminary screening form will provide the basis for developing a full-fledged Request for Support Letter (RSL) to the NDC Partnership. After submitting this form and within one week, the Support Unit will get in touch to further define the scope of the request. 
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9. Has your country already developed a Long-term low-emissions development strategy (LT-LEDS) focused beyond 2030? *This question is required.
10. Does your country have pledges, commitments, white papers, laws, or regulations to achieve net-zero GHG emissions and address climate risks by, or around, mid-century? *This question is required.
11. Does your country have institutional arrangements to coordinate the development, implementation and/or revision of the NDC, the LT-LEDS or both in an integrated manner?  *This question is required.
12. Has your country developed long-term modeling capacity and scenarios for NDC or LT-LEDS?  *This question is required.
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13. Has your country organized consultations with in-country stakeholders (subnational and non-state) that have informed the development of NDC or LT-LEDS?  *This question is required.
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14. Do you intend to request support to enhance the ambition or update your country's Long-term low-emissions development strategy? *This question is required.