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Global Summit 2023 - Perfect Partner Awards

The Worldwide Partners Perfect Partner Award is our way of celebrating great partners within our network who help us cement our vision.

These are the Partners that are progressive and innovative, have responded rapidly, worked as an extended arm of your own agency – and acted with the highest integrity throughout the entire process.

These are the Partners who deserve the highest award of recognition for best representing the ideals of the network.

The partners and the WPI Team nominate and determine those partners that are felt to be Perfect Partners according to this criteria: 
  • Being responsive
  • Demonstrating high integrity
  • Providing quality of work when responding to partners’ needs
  • Being a great team player
  • Progressive and innovative
  • Passionate and enthusiastic
  • Understand the network, use the network regularly and are highly engaged and freely contribute
  • Strong and consistent collaborator
  • Brings new business to the network
2. Who do you nominate for the Perfect Partner Award.