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2023 GreenSeam Board of Governors Application

Call for Applications:


GreenSeam, LLC is governed by a 20-member board made up of an intentional composition of stakeholders representing the diverse mix of entities within the GreenSeam region (southern Minnesota and northern Iowa). GreenSeam’s vision is to shape the future of agriculture, businesses, and communities in the region and elevate our region as the world-class food and agribusiness epicenter.


The Nominating Committee for GreenSeam, LLC is currently seeking applicants to fill six (6) open seats on the board. Terms are three years, beginning March 2023 and ending March 2026. A cross-section of both businesses/entities from throughout the GreenSeam region will make up the slate of Governors to be nominated.

To Serve on the GreenSeam Board of Governors, your business or organization must be or intend to be a GreenSeam investor.

Please submit online or via email to the following:
GreenSeam, LLC
Attn: Skyler Carlson
3 Civic Center Plaza, Suite 100
Mankato, MN 56001

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