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Digital Flourishing Survey - Adolescents

The Digital Flourishing Survey for Adolescents

Purpose: This survey is designed to measure positive digital communication behaviors in adolescents (11-20 years of age) across devices, applications and channels of communication. 

Length: 5 minutes

Results: The survey is completely anonymous.  In the end, you may elect to have your personalized Digital Flourishing Score sent to you by email. 

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The Digital Flourishing Scale for Adolescents (DFSA) has been scientifically validated and published in Frontiers:
Rosič, J., Janicke-Bowles, S.H., Carbone, L., Vandenbosch, L., & Lobe, B. (2022). Positive Digital Communication among Youth: The Development and Validation of a Digital Flourishing Scale in Adolescence. Frontiers in Digital Health.