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SBP 2022 Hurricane Ian Response Grant Application

Grant Overview

Background on SBP:

SBP exists to shrink the time between disaster and recovery. We believe that a prompt, efficient, and predictable recovery fortifies survivors against reaching their breaking point. SBP is committed to sharing the resources and best practices we have developed over the past 15 years with other nonprofits and community-based organizations, with a preference given to organizations that work in under-resourced communities and communities of color where recovery programs are often not equitable. To learn more about SBP, please visit SBPUSA.ORG.

Program Overview:
SBP’s Share program awards grants to qualifying nonprofit partners to address the unmet housing needs of under-resourced neighbors and communities in a timely and efficient manner. SBP also offers grantees technical training on topics such as disaster case management, volunteer management, construction, contractor selection and management, and mold remediation.  Additionally, SBP can also award AmeriCorps member “slots” to qualifying organizations to help build capacity, launch new programs, or support existing efforts. 

To apply for these funds, applicants are required to be locally based in a Florida county that received an Individual Assistance (IA)-declaration from FEMA. Applicants are required to be a 501c3 (or similar status), licensed and insured, and demonstrate the ability to repair homes for under-resourced households, with a track record of working in and supporting communities of color. 

Grant details:

These grant funds can only be used to repair owner-occupied homes damaged by Hurricane Ian. Homeowners who own more than one property and who have adequate funding from FEMA and/or an insurance award are not eligible. This grant aims to support un-and-under insured homeowners with an emphasis on supporting communities of color who cannot receive these services elsewhere. 

This grant has a s $3,000 cap per home. Applicants may apply for a maximum award of $75,000, which will serve a minimum of 25 homeowners. Funds can used for the following purpose:

  • Supplies and material that volunteers can use to complete the following:
    • Debris removal, mucking and gutting, tarping, mold suppression. 
  • Contractor costs to complete the following items
    • Debris removal, mucking and gutting, tarping, mold suppression.
Note: These funds are for hard construction costs with an allowance of up to 10% of the funds for overhead and 5% for project management fees. 

Nonprofit organizations repairing homes for the first time are welcome and encouraged to apply.  The applications must be received by the close of business (ET) on November 15, 2022. All work and the final report must be submitted to SBP close of business (ET) by April 30, 2023.

Contact: If you have questions or need assistance completing this application, please contact the SHARE Team at 


Reporting Requirements:
Our aim is to reduce the complexities and burdensome reporting requirements so that your team has more time to support clients and rebuild homes. The reporting requirements for this grant are listed below:

Monthly Progress Call:

  • Number of homes completed
  • Number of homes in process
  • Number of homes on the waitlist
  • Average $ amount spent on each home
  • Challenges or barriers that your organization faces that are impacting your ability to achieve the stated goals of this grant. 
Final Grant Report: (See link below)

Hurricane Ian Response Grant Report