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STTI GWG Phase 2 Survey - 2022

Your company is invited to participate in this survey that evaluates your buyer company's adherence to commercial compliance. It will take less than 10 minutes to complete the survey for each buyer company you choose to evaluate.

Please be assured that your identity will be kept completely confidential. The survey is being conducted by Better Buying Institute, whose well-established and secure operating procedures ensure that your anonymity is maintained at all times, and your responses grouped with those from other suppliers.

Commercial compliance is defined as ‘purchasing practices that do not cause obvious and avoidable harm to manufacturers’. A set of key recommendations for improved purchasing practices was delivered at the end of Phase 1 of the Sustainable Terms of Trade Initiative (STTI), based on the input gathered from global textile and garment manufacturers and industry associations.

This Phase 2 survey invites you to evaluate each of your buyer company's commercial compliance against these key recommendations, so as to track buyers' progress throughout the STTI project. The survey has been simplified since the Baseline study was carried out last year, in order to encourage more supplier participation. 

Please respond to the questions about one of your buyer companies at a time. After evaluating one buyer, you can restart the survey with another buyer using the link provided. We encourage you to respond to the survey about more than one buyer company; ideally evaluating all your buyers in order to get a full picture of compliance across the industry. You can start by evaluating the buyer company whose business accounts for a majority of your business, followed by starting a new survey for each of your other buyers with a smaller share of business.

You can choose who is the most appropriate person or persons in your company to complete the survey - some might choose to have senior managers complete the survey together using their combined knowledge. The topics covered are related to various terms in the buyer companies' contracts and their performance against those terms, forecasting, pricing, lead times, terms with nominated suppliers, adherence to deadlines, and the processes they follow when their performance does not meet expectations for commercial compliance. 

This survey asks you to name the specific buyer company you are rating.  Without knowing this, there are limits to how companies like yours and industry associations can work with buyers to improve.  If you are unwilling to name your buyer, there is no need to complete the survey.  Please remember, however, that your anonymity will be protected.