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Musicals Mag readership survey 2022

Musicals Magazine readership survey

Musicals Magazine is the new publication from the Mark Allen Group celebrating the world of Musical Theatre, from the West End to Broadway and beyond! To ensure we are providing relevant and interesting content, we are asking for your help to look at the magazine’s style and content.

1. What is your age bracket?
2. How would you describe your gender?
3. How many musicals do you go to see in a year?
4. How far are you prepared to travel for a musical?
5. How do you primarily watch musicals?
6. If you stream musicals, where do you stream them from?
7. Do you repeat view certain musicals?
8. Do you listen to cast recordings?
9. How many cast recordings do you buy/stream a month?
10. Do you listen to a Musicals radio show? If yes, please specify.
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