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2023 Future Founders Startup Programs Application

Let's Get Started

Future Founders is excited to launch our application for our 2023 Startup programming. We run two programs: the idea-stage Startup Bootcamp and growth-stage Fellowship.

Prior to applying to one (or both) of these programs, we highly recommend you review the website for the program(s) you are applying to and encourage you to book time with the staff member running your program of interest - we'd appreciate the opportunity to get to know you and tell you a little more about how we'll help you in the coming year:

Fellowship - Book time with Nick Barba

Startup Bootcamp - Book time with Sal Dueñas

The Application

This application will allow you to opt-in to applying to one or both programs through a single form. If you apply to both programs, our team will opt you into consideration for the program we believe you are the best fit for based on your application. Please note that the Fellowship application requires a short video submission.

Estimated time for completion:

  • Startup Bootcamp application: 15 minutes
  • Fellowship application: 25 minutes (including video submission)
  • Joint application: 30 minutes


  • Industry: Future Founders programs are industry agnostic (we've worked with everything from jewelry to drones!)
  • Age: Our programming is geared for people 18-30ish years of age. You have to be at least 18 to qualify. Totally cool if you're in your thirties, especially if this is your first go-around within entrepreneurship or you need a community to support you in this journey.
  • COVID Vaccination: We require "full COVID vaccination" of all program participants
  • Co-founders: Co-founders are eligible to participate together in the Startup Bootcamp, only. Co-founders must submit their own applications to be considered. Co-founders will not be eligible to both participate in the Fellowship; If you have two co-founders you'd like to be considered, they may each apply, but only one may be selected.
  • Your location: Most of our programming is held virtually, but each program includes at least one retreat in Chicago. You do not need to live in or relocate to Chicago if selected. Unfortunately, at this time, we cannot work with companies HQ'd outside of the United States.
Future Founders is a non-profit and our programs are offered free of charge. We do not take equity in your business. Our goal is to create the nation's largest, inclusive community of intentional young entrepreneurs - we're looking to work with awesome founders who are action-oriented, vulnerable, and willing to give first.

Application Deadlines (tentative)

Early Consideration Deadline: December 15
Interviews: Early January 
Decisions: January 20

Late Consideration Deadline: January 22
Interviews: Early-mid February
Decisions: February 10

Program Dates

Startup Bootcamp: February 27 - Late September
Fellowship: February 29 - Late October


This question requires a valid email address.
4. Please select the program(s) you are interested in submitting an application for. If you are unsure of which you should apply to, feel free to reach out to or select both options - we'll make sure you land into consideration for the appropriate program.  *This question is required.