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Exploring new safety measures in Rainier Valley

Sound Transit has heard community concerns regarding at-grade crossing safety and will be responding with several initiatives in the short and long term future. Based on what we’ve heard, Sound Transit will launch a pilot program to increase safety around tracks and trains by raising the volume of the daytime bells on Link light rail vehicles. Bell volume will increase by 5-6 decibels. Operators will continue to activate bells when approaching intersections and station entrances. This pilot will launch in the fall and last for approximately 6 months. Throughout the pilot, Sound Transit will evaluate incident data, rail operator feedback, and feedback from the public and the surrounding community to measure the impacts of this safety improvement.

We want to hear from you!

Community Engagement ultimately seeks to establish Sound Transit as a long-term member of the Rainier Valley Community. Sound Transit should be positioned and perceived as a trusted resource and active participant in various initiatives that represent both the agency and the communities we serve.

Please take a short survey to help us capture your perception and feedback of the change to the daytime bell volume. Likewise, please offer any other suggestions on how to improve safety around tracks and trains.
1. Have you noticed the increased volume of the daytime bells coming from the light rail vehicles along Martin Luther King Jr. Way S?