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IPW 2023 Exhibitor Buyer and Domestic Buyer Questionnaire

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Please note: Based on exhibitor surveys and feedback from the IPW Advisory Group, buyer criteria and qualifications have been updated for IPW 2023.

Under the revamped program, the former Domestic Buyer registration category has been split into two different categories of buyers:

  • The organization sells or distributes to the international group and leisure market (e.g., receptive/inbound operator or destination management company) and the buyer delegate is in a procurement role.
  • The organization offers marketing, distribution, or technology solutions as their primary business and the buyer delegate is responsible for sourcing product in a decision-making capacity.

  • The organization is a U.S.-based travel package company that purchases U.S. domestic product and the buyer delegate is responsible for sourcing travel in a decision-making capacity.
Which category best describes your purpose at IPW? *This question is required.


  1. Organizations selling marketing or technology services or products should participate as a Marketing and Technology Provider (MTP exhibitor) in IPW's Marketing and Technology Pavilion.
  2. Organizations that qualify for the Exhibitor Buyer category must purchase and pay for their booth and key contact registration before they can purchase any Exhibitor Buyer registrations. The number of registrations allowed is determined by the booth type. Learn more.