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2022 End of Year Member Survey

Member Information

Your name and email are asked to prevent duplicate entries and to align survey responses with data in your PeDRA member profile. Your name and email will only be visible to PeDRA staff. Specific answers and any data that may be shared from survey responses will be in aggregate form and anonymous.
This question requires a valid email address.
4. PeDRA Membership Level: *This question is required.
PeDRA relies on up-to-date member profile data to better understand the power and capabilities of its network, communicate the value and importance of PeDRA, and shape future investments in programs and infrastructure. Before continuing with the survey, please consider taking a few minutes to review and provide any necessary updates to your PeDRA member profile by visiting your Member Dashboard (link will open in a separate window) on the PeDRA website and clicking on “My Information” on the right-hand side under "Member Resources"