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MicroStation User Conference 2023

As you know, the virtual MicroStation User Conference in September was a huge success. We are interested in how we can better support your needs in 2023 with the survey below.
Approximate completion time: 3 minutes
1. Did you attend the virtual MicroStation User Conference 2022?
2. How would you rate the MicroStation User Conference 2022? 
2. What prevented you from attending? 
2. How interested are you in attending a MicroStation User Conference in 2023?
Not InterestedVery Interested
3. Do you prefer a conference that is virtual, in-person, or some combination thereof?
4. Would you prefer a conference that is:
(check all that apply)
4. Would you prefer a conference that:
4. What would you like to see at a in-person conference? 
Check all that apply:

What main topics or themes would you like to see in a future Bentley User Conference?
Check all that apply: