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#NCHC22 Student Moderator Application

Student Moderators are a very important part of the NCHC Annual Conference! Moderators are assigned to conference sessions upon review of a student’s application to participate. Responsibilities of Student Moderators include—but are not limited to—the following:

  • Arriving early to assigned General Session room
  • Ensuring presentation room is set up correctly
  • Introducing session presenters
  • Keeping track of time for each presentation
  • Reminding presenters of time frames
  • Encouraging and facilitating discussions following each presentation

If you are interested in serving as a Student Moderator at #NCHC22, please fill out an application below. Before you fill out the application, please reach out to your honors director, and verify that your institution will be paying for your conference registration, as well as your travel/lodging in Dallas.

If you are a conference presenter, there is a section of the application to indicate the time/date of your scheduled presentation(s). If you have not done so yet, please check the NCHC22 schedule by clicking here.

1. Applicant Information *This question is required.
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3. Academic Information
4. NCHC Information
5. Availability
If you are an accepted presenter at #NCHC22, when is your presentation(s) scheduled for? 
(If you do not have any scheduled presentations, please leave blank.)

The NCHC22 Program is now available for download on the mobile app
Space Cell Presentation Time 1Presentation Time 2
Thursday, November 3rd
Friday, November 4th
Saturday, November 5th