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BCFit 2023 Presenter Application Form

Thank you for your interest in presenting at BCFit®23

Conference Details:
When: Exact dates are still being decided. We are looking at dates between  September 22-24, 2023
Where: Port Coquitlam Community Centre

The presenter application information is outlined below. Please read through this information carefully before clicking "next" and completing the application form.

Presenter Application Deadline: 11:59 pm Sunday, January 15, 2023

Session Selection Information

BCFit® welcomes session proposals across a broad range of topics. Our Conference Planning Committee is comprised of experienced fitness professionals who review all applications and make the final session selections.   
What We’re Looking For:
  • Practical information that fitness leaders can put into practice immediately
  • A mix of session types (60 minutes). We seek sessions that are practical activity based learning, as well as lecture style classroom learning.
  • Train-the-trainer format. Sessions should be designed to engage the participants in how to train and deliver the material to others. Sessions are not to be examples of a class with participants simply partaking in the session.
  • Innovation. Entirely new concepts and approaches.
  • Engagement and interactivity. How will you engage and lead your audience?
  • Anticipated audience.  We seek to provide a mix of sessions with some geared toward beginner, some toward the intermediate, and some toward the advanced Fitness Leader. Please indicate what audience your session is targeting.  

Are you a New Presenter to BCFit®?

If you have never presented at BCFit®, please include a two minute video of you presenting on a topic of your choice

Session Duration
All sessions are 60 minutes in length including the 10 minute Q&A portion.

Session Topic Areas
We welcome presentation submissions from a wide range of topics. Special consideration will be given to the following key topic areas reflected in our Strategic Plan 'Champion' pillar: reconciliation, climate change, physical inactivity, and diversity, equity and inclusion.

Listed below are some of the common themes from previous BCFit® presentations.

Personal Training                                                           Aquatics
Business and Professional Development                      Older Adults
Group Fitness                                                                Indoor Cycling
Health and Well Being                                                   Youth Fitness/Activities
Sport Conditioning                                                         Yoga/Pilates
Nutrition                                                                         Career/Business Building
Combating Physical Inactivity                                        Pre & Post Natal
Training Concepts (Functional, HIIT, …)                       

Presenter Application Information

Target Audience Experience Level
Identify what target audience your session is aimed towards using the descriptions below. Please choose one level per session:
  • Beginner – geared toward the fundamentals of a particular specialty or modality. This level of session should provide introductions to concepts and/or straightforward applications of those foundational concepts.
  • Intermediate – builds on existing fundamentals. Description should reflect expected foundational knowledge and lead delegates to further their existing knowledge and technical skills in a particular area.
  • Advanced– for delegates already knowledgeable and/or proficient in the specified area. This session should take them that next step further, allowing them to strive for excellence in that field. 
Session Activity Level
What is the level of physical activity involved in each proposed session? Please choose one of the levels listed below.
  • Active -  an activity based combination of physical movement, demonstrations and applied theory
  • Lecture – all theory with very limited, if any, physical movement. Rooms will be set with chairs theater style