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Court in Action - Teacher Baseline Survey

Introduction and Consent

The Centre for Education and Youth have been commissioned by Devon and Cornwall Local Criminal Justice Board to carry out an evaluation of the new ‘Court in Action’ programme delivered by Young Citizens. As part of this, we are conducting surveys with practitioners who are involved in delivering the programme. The research will evaluate the impact the programme is having on practitioners and young people.

What does the research involve?
  • We are conducting surveys with practitioners towards the beginning of their participation in the programme and towards the end of their participation in the programme.
  • We will gather findings from both surveys to feed into our evaluation report
  • We would like you to complete the present survey and a second one towards the end of your participation in the Court in Action programme

How will we store and use your data?
  • Your survey responses will be stored digitally and securely, and your name will not be shared outside the research team and its data processors. When personal data contained in the survey are no longer required, they will be destroyed.
  • We will analyse your survey responses alongside others in order to feed into our report. Where we store data with a cloud provider, this may be outside the European Economic Area (EEA)We may use quotes from your survey responses in our midpoint and final reports, and other public outputs such as websites and blogs. We will not use your name or any other details that may personally identify you, such as the name of your school.
  • We may share data from your survey with other genuine researchers and store our data in an archive so that genuine researchers can see what you said in future. Your name will not be stored, and other researchers will only be allowed access to your data if they agree to keep it confidential.
  • If you tell us something which gives us concerns about your or others' safety, or a criminal offence, we may need to disclose this information to someone who can help.
  • You can ask to see your data at any time, and you can also ask for us to destroy your data at any time if you want us to. Please contact Ellie Mulcahy (
Who can I contact for more information?
If you want more information about the research and what your participation will involve, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Baz Ramaiah (07581 703 592,

What do I do next?
We really hope you will be able to help us by agreeing to take part in our survey. However, your participation is voluntary and you don’t have to give a reason if you choose not to participate. If you consent to participation, please read the short consent guidance below and tick the corresponding box.