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UbiComp Lab Research Application, Fall 2022


Hello! The following application is for students already enrolled at the University of Washington who are interested in working on research projects in the Ubiquitous Computing Laboratory under Professor Shwetak Patel. Students who have already worked with the lab before can also re-apply using this online application.

Interested undergraduate and graduate students are encouraged to apply for independent study or volunteer research. All applications need to be completed by the first week of the quarter in which the research will occur in order for proper project placement. We can only take a set number of students each quarter that we match to a fitting project. Please provide us with as much detail as possible so that we can find an appropriate match.

Also, please remember that graded independent study requires about 3-5 physical hours of work for each hour of course credit. As such, more is expected from these projects including a project proposal, bi-weekly meeting updates (in addition to meetings with the project mentor), and a final summary presentation. Independent study is usually given priority over volunteer study.

Also, note that you can save your progress from previous pages by selecting "save and continue application later" at the top of the survey at any time. This ONLY saves previous pages, not the current page you are on.

The application consists of 8 "pages" of questions, mostly optional and open ended. The first pages ask for basic information, the second pages ask you to rate experience in different areas, and the final pages are essay/short answer. These last questions are optional, but recommended so that we can get to know how you might fit in an existing or new project. You can upload optional supporting documents on the last page of the application (i.e., resume/CV, letters of support, or unofficial transcript). Thanks for your interest!