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Dolores - Joe Rowell Park Draft Master Plan Questionnaire


Please complete the following questionnaire regarding the Draft Master Plan for Joe Rowell Park.

You will find a few of the key components as part of the plan: 
  • Provide trails/walks that loop completely around the park, and benches for resting.
  • Install shade shelters, picnic tables, and plant more trees.
  • Create a flexible grass area for community uses, festivals, and unstructured play (pop-up tents, volleyball nets, flying kites, family games, lawn bowling, etc.) This requires removing the existing outfield fencing on the southeast ballfield and using temporary fencing for games and tournaments.
  • Construct a new large picnic shelter that also functions well as a performance stage during festivals and special events. Locate the structure close to parking for convenience and to accommodate large service and delivery vehicles.
  • Provide additional river access points, enhance the river trail with overlooks, benches, and interpretive signs, and install a simple instream kayak play feature in the Dolores River.
  • Construct a mountain bike skills-development area for youth, and a natural surface pump track.
  • Construct a paved skate park for wheeled devices and small bikes.
  • Provide fenced areas for small and large dogs to be off-leash and dog owners to socialize. Separate this area from loud activity associated with the skate park and pump track.
  • Create a new small grass picnic area at the west end of the park, which will function as a trailhead for the River Trail.