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Network+ Practice Quiz: N10-008 Quiz 28

Enjoy the following 10 question quiz from TestOut.

1. Which of the following uses metal clips placed over plastic slots to connect individual copper wires?
2. You are building network cables and attaching RJ45 connectors to each end. Which tool do you need for this task?
3. You have a server at work with a custom application installed. Connections to the server that use the custom application must use IPv6, but the server is currently running IPv4. You're the only person who connects to the server, and you always use your Linux laptop for the connection. Your laptop supports both IPv4 and IPv6, but the rest of your company network runs only IPv4.

You need a cost-effective solution to allow your laptop to connect to the server. Your solution must also support communication through NAT servers. Which client software should you use to connect to the server?
4. Which of the following IPv6 addresses is equivalent to the IPv4 loopback address of
5. You manage a single subnet with three switches. The switches are connected to provide redundant paths between themselves. Which feature prevents switching loops and ensures that there is only a single active path between any two switches?
6. When configuring VLANs on a switch, which type of switch ports are members of all VLANs defined on the switch?
7. You are moving to an area where DSL will be available in the next six months. Which method of internet connectivity should you implement until DSL is available if your existing connectivity needs are minimal?
8. A healthcare organization provides mobile clinics throughout the world. Which network technology should you select to transfer patients' statistical data to a central database via the internet that ensures network connectivity for any clinic located anywhere in the world, even remote areas?
9. Which of the following CCTV types would you use in areas with little or no light?
10. On your way into the back entrance of your work building one morning, a man dressed as a plumber asks you to let him in so he can fix the restroom. What should you do?
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