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2023 IPMA-HR Committees Application

2023 IPMA-HR Committees Application

Volunteering on one of IPMA-HR’s committees helps provide meaningful service to our members and your peers and advance public sector human resources. You will contribute to your profession while deepening your engagement with IPMA-HR and broadening your own horizons.

IPMA-HR is seeking members interested in volunteering to serve on the following committees:

IPMA-HR Annual Conference Committee

The Annual Conference Committee, with the assistance of IPMA-HR staff, are responsible for selecting conference educational topics relevant to Public Sector HR Professionals.  The committee serves as the Subject Matter Experts, whose main responsibility will be to review session proposals and identify educational content that meets the needs of our members with current industry, technologies, and trends content.  

Awards Committee
The Awards Committee is responsible for evaluating the nominations for the association’s annual Honorary Life Membership, the IPMA-HR Agency Awards for Excellence, IPMA-HR Chapter Award of Excellence, and making recommendations to the Executive Council.

Fellowship Committee
The Fellowship Committee is responsible for reviewing and evaluating the applications of 1) IPMA-HR members for the association’s graduate study fellowships, and 2) scholarships for the children of IPMA-HR members seeking undergraduate degrees. The committee members make recommendations to the Executive Council of the individuals who will receive the fellowships and scholarships.

Applications are due by March 1, 2023.