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HIV and Aging

HIV and Aging Quiz

Illinois HIV Care Connect’s HIV and Aging Campaign features information that can help older adults living with HIV to increase the chances of living a long and healthy life.

This HIV and Aging Quiz serves as an introduction to a series of HIV and Aging articles found on our website. Your responses will be kept confidential. Thank you for your participation!

1. Choose the one correct answer. What percentage of persons living with HIV in Illinois are aged 50 or older?

2. Choose the one correct answer. Persons aged 50 and older with HIV can live longer now than at the beginning of the HIV epidemic primarily because of:

3. Choose the one correct answer. For persons aged 50 and older, what action most directly helps to achieve viral suppression – a low or undetectable amount of HIV in the blood?

4. Choose the one correct answer. Why is it important for adults aged 50 and older to discuss getting tested for HIV with their doctor when they don’t feel well?
5. Choose the one correct answer. In Illinois, what percentage of HIV diagnoses among persons aged 50 or older are “late diagnoses” – HIV is diagnosed when the individual has late-stage HIV, or AIDS?
6. Choose the one correct answer. Of those aged 50 and older who stay in care, 4 of 5 of them do what?