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Signals of Change - Futures of Engineering Accreditation

Signals of change - Futures of Engineering Accreditation

The expectations of modern engineers are continually growing, and the accreditation of engineering education has never been more crucial to their success. Futures of Engineering Accreditation (FEA) is an initiative by Engineers Canada that aims to bring together the diverse perspectives of the Canadian engineering ecosystem to create an accreditation system that moves everyone forward together. 

Call for signals of change  

Earlier this year, Engineers Canada conducted an Envisioning Exercise that surfaced a range of trends and changes that were likely to impact the engineering profession and its regulation. Building off the insights from this work, we are inviting members of the engineering ecosystem to contribute to this conversation by sharing signals of change to inform a shared hypothesis on what the engineer of the future will need to do. A signal of change is anything taking place in the present that helps us see systemic changes that might be underway in the engineering ecosystem. They may show up as an article, emerging industry trend, or shifts in society related to the engineering profession.