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2022-23 School Experience Survey: Staff


Welcome to the 2022-23 School Experience Survey for School Staff!

This survey is designed to provide schools with data that are useful for fostering a positive learning and working environment that promotes academic success among all students. Your survey participation is very important so that we have accurate and useful data.

This survey must be completed in one sitting.

Answer the questions based on your experiences this school year at the school that asked you to complete it, not your experiences with the district overall or another school where you might also work. Questions about staff or adults at the school refer to ALL staff — administrators, teachers, teaching assistants, counselors, and all other certificated and classified staff.

All responses are confidential, no one at your school will see your individual responses. A few questions ask for personal information, such as the work you do at the school, how long you have done it, and your race/ethnicity, but the survey reports will only show summary data for all respondents combined. Results are not reported when there are fewer than 11 responses for an item. Thank you for taking this survey!
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1. Do you serve in any of the following additional roles at this school?
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If your school has more than one type (e.g., K-12), you can select any of the school types it serves (e.g., elementary, middle, and high).
School names that start with a number are listed first, followed by remaining schools in alphabetical order.
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