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Griffith Community Survey

As the MP for Griffith, I represent more than 170,000 local residents. I’m running this survey to better understand how to represent you, and what issues I should prioritise. All of the data from this survey will be kept strictly confidential and de-identified and will only be used to inform me and the Griffith Electorate Office of local residents’ priorities. I will email out a detailed report, summarising the results of the survey, within a month or so of closing.

I’ve asked some demographic questions, including how you voted in the last federal election because I want to be confident that this survey considers feedback from a wide cross-section of our diverse electorate, not just Greens voters or people from a particular group or geographical area.


How did you vote in the last federal election?

NOTE: This question is included because I want to be confident that this survey takes feedback from all residents in Griffith, not just Greens voters or supporters.

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