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Opportunity Accelerator Application

The Opportunity Accelerator (OA) is an initiative providing governments with support to build its capacity to advance economic mobility and reduce racial disparities in their communities. 

To be considered for selection in this initiative, governments (i.e. cities and counties) should complete and submit this online application no later than Friday, October 14, 2022. Applicants should propose opportunities that will advance equitable population-level outcomes, assert their vision for impact and demonstrate their commitment to economic mobility and racial equity.

The application should be completed by the head of the government department or office who will lead the project that requires OA’s support. Mayor or Chief Executive approval is required. We encourage the engagement of program-level staff to generate responses. 

Joint applications are encouraged. Applications may be submitted by two or more departments/offices of the same government unit (e.g. city’s workforce department and human services),  departments from different government units (e.g. workforce departments from both city and county), or in collaboration with community partners (i.e. place-based partnerships, regional backbone organizations, non-profit workforce board).

You can access a word version of the application here. Please submit final responses through this online application form. In the top right corner there is an option to save your progress and continue later. 

Applicants will be notified if they will be moved to the interview phase by October 28. Interviews will take place the first two weeks of November, and governments will be notified of their acceptance by November 18. Selected jurisdictions will receive pro-bono OA support from December 2022 through December 2023.  

For any additional questions, please see our program page, or contact