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BECC 2022 Final Presentation and Handouts Upload

Use This Form to Upload Your Final Presentation or Poster
You may also upload handouts or other reference material you wish to share with attendees. 
Most files will be added to the mobile app by the next business day. 

Format: PDF
Size: 10MB max file size

This version of your presentation slides and poster will be made available in the conference mobile app and video-on-demand library. Please bring the final version of your presentation with you on a flash drive. For questions, contact 
1. Please provide the primary presenter's information.
2. Upload your presentation file in PDF format.
Please include the primary speaker's name in the file name. (EXAMPLE: "Smith, John BECC Presentation")
Max file size 10MB.
3. Upload any resource materials or handouts you wish to share with conference participants.
Please include the primary speaker's name in each of the file names (EXAMPLE: "Smith, John Handout 1")
Max file size 1MB per file, up to 10 files.