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Grindstone Egypt Accelerator | Application

Grindstone Egypt Acceleration Program is an intensive and founder-centric program tailored for promising tech startups and embedded finance solutions in the MVP stage with early traction. The program provides founders with the business tools necessary for the growth of their ventures, in addition to access to a network of experts, mentors, investors, and other founders.

Eligibility Criteria
- Tech startup enabled 
- Product to be at MVP stage
- Post revenue/early traction is a plus
- An agile and dynamic team of entrepreneurial individuals who are passionate about tech startups / combining business and technology cofounders is a plus
- Innovative technology business with a clear competitive differentiator
- Scalable business model
- Willingness to participate in a four-month growth engineering process, focusing on key pillars in your business that will enable growth, specific to your business. This includes focus areas such as strategy, sales, funding, and tech optimization

APPLY NOW to register your interest in joining this exciting new program in Egypt. Applicants will receive further insights into the program and the next steps. All company information provided will be kept confidential, as required by GDPR and Egyptian Laws. Your consent to provide us with your contact information in compliance with GDPR will be required. The company hereby confirms that they will provide us with any information/ documents needed according to Egyptian Laws. The company also confirms that the applicant submitting the company information is duly authorized by the company to do so, and the information is accurate and up to date on the date of submission. 

Grindstone Egypt has the sole and absolute discretion to accept/reject the application to join the program without giving any reasons, and no applicant has the right in any way - whether currently or in the future - to recourse against Grindstone Egypt if the application to join the program is rejected.

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