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Iskali 2022 Feasibility Study

Iskali is asking that each supporter and friend take 5 to 10 minutes to complete this survey to help shape the future of our organization. Thank you in advance for your time and consideration!

1. How long have you been a supporter of Iskali?
2. Do you participate in any capacity with Iskali (Board member, committee member, volunteer)?
3. What is your opinion/evaluation of Iskali in the following areas?
Space Cell ExcellentVery GoodGoodFairPoorNo Opinion
A) Physical plant facility (seating, parking):
B) Board leadership:
C) Staff (administration, office, maintenance):
D) Scholarship and Mentorship Program:
E) Faith Initiatives (Evangelization and Formation):
F) Leadership Development:
G) Health Initiatives (Sports Program):
H) Overall perception:
4.  Please indicate your feelings regarding the importance of the following projects at Iskali.
A) Capacity Building and Operations (See brochure or visit Iskali at
B) Expanded Programming (See brochure or visit Iskali at
C) Casa Iskali (See brochure or visit Iskali at
D) Endowment (See brochure or visit Iskali at
To complete all projects, Iskali will need to raise $23 Million with a five-year capital campaign.
5.  Are you in favor of a capital campaign to help meet this financial commitment?
6.  Would you consider making a 5-year pledge commitment to the campaign?
7.  Would you consider taking a volunteer position in the campaign?
If yes, please indicate the position:
8.  Do you know of anyone in the community that would support Iskali’s mission?
We EMPOWER and EQUIP young Latinos with high-quality faith formation, enabling them to become transformative leaders.
9.  Do you know anyone that might be able to make an extraordinary pledge (10%, 15% or 20%) to
Iskali’s capital campaign goal of $23 million dollars?
10.  Do you know of any major obstacles if a capital campaign were to be conducted at this time?