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Network+ Practice Quiz: N10-008 Quiz 25

Enjoy the following 10 question quiz from TestOut.

1. Which of the following connector types would you most likely use to connect to a T1 WAN service?
2. You're working with an older 10Base2 Ethernet network. Which of the following connector types will you MOST LIKELY encounter?
3. Which TCP/IP utility gives you the following output?

Interface: on Interface 0x3
Internet Address Physical Address Type 00-d1-b6-b7-c2-af dynamic
4. Which of the following commands do you use to clear the local DNS cache?
5. Which protocol should you disable on a switch's user access ports?
6. Which of the following do switches and wireless access points use to control access through a device?
7. Which of the following uses a 2.4 GHz ISM band, has fast transmission rates, and has been used for applications like geocaching and health monitors?
8. Which protocol is well known for its use in the home security and home automation industry, uses a mesh topology, makes devices act as repeaters, and has a low data transfer rate?
9. A web server on your network hosts your company's public website. You want to make sure that a NIC failure on the server does not prevent the website from being accessible on the internet.

Which solution should you implement?
10. Which backup strategy backs up only files that have the archive bit set and does not mark them?
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