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A+ Practice Quiz: 220-1102 Quiz 8

Enjoy the following 10 question quiz from GoCertify

1. Your local area experiences brownouts or blackouts during frequent electrical storms. Which of the following components could you add to your network rack to help protect your servers from brownouts or blackouts?
2. Which of the following Windows 11 Enterprise edition versions is specifically intended for organizations that want to use cloud-delivered endpoint security?
3. On a Windows system, which Task Manager tab would you use to adjust the priority given to a specific program?
4. You have an application that renders videos used in your online business. You want to make sure that the application continues to receive adequate attention from the system CPU, even if you open other applications.

How can you adjust the amount of attention given to that application?
5. You want to create a new user account on a Windows system that can create and edit private files, start and stop the system, install applications, and add new device drivers.

Which group should this user be a member of?
6. Which of the following is true of groups on a Windows system?
7. After creating an FEK (file encryption key) for a file, what does EFS do next to add a greater level of security for the file?
8. Which of the following Windows programs uses integrity checking early in the boot process to ensure that the drive contents have not been altered?
9. Which of the following is the most important step in the post-remediation process?
10. Which of the following should you do FIRST when you suspect a malware infection?