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Talking climate, taking action

We are developing Darebin’s new Climate Emergency Strategy, so together we can achieve zero emissions by 2030 and prepare for our changing climate.

To help us shape the strategy we want to know:
  • How climate change affects you in your everyday life?
  • What steps are you already taking – or want to take in the future – to reduce your impact and adapt to a changing climate?
  • How can Council best support you to make these changes?
  • What do you think Council should prioritise in our actions to address climate change and its impacts?
Your input will help shape the key priorities of Darebin’s Climate Emergency Strategy 2022-2030 so we can achieve zero emissions by 2030 and prepare our community for hotter and more extreme weather to come.
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1. Question: Darebin Council has introduced a new approach for all engagements with the community and is collecting some personal information from all participants, such as name and email address or postal address, and postcode. *This question is required.
Thank you, we will ask for your name, email address or postal address, and postcode at the end of the survey. 
Thank you, we will ask for your name at the end of the survey. 
Thank you for your interest. Council requires this information from participants in order to minimise the risk of multiple submissions. Council is unable to collect feedback from participants who do not provide this information.