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AMSA Undergraduate Scholastic Achievement Award

Background Statement

AMSA Undergraduate Scholastic Achievement Award


To promote meat science by recognizing outstanding undergraduate students with potential for a career in meats. The candidate may or may not have committed himself/herself to a career in meats but should have demonstrated an interest in meat science and the meat industry. Students majoring in Animal Science, Food Science and closely allied fields of study are encouraged to apply.


Students from four-year institutions may apply. The student must be an AMSA member that is a junior, senior or have graduated not more than eight months prior to the RMC at the time of application. The AMSA Undergraduate Scholarship Award committee will evaluate a student’s credentials according to procedures described below. Previous award winners are not eligible to receive another award.

Nature of Scholarships

Students must attend the RMC to receive their scholarships. Each scholarship shall consist of a check for $200.00 and a suitably engraved plaque to be presented to the winners at RMC. The RMC registration fee will be waived for each scholarship winner.

Program for Students at ICOMST/RMC

Recipients of scholarships will participate in the same activities as graduate students. They should be introduced to conference participants early in the week and will be encouraged to attend the scientific sessions and meet as many AMSA members as possible.

Selection Criteria

Scholarship (35 points possible)
Grade point average must include all college work. Divide student’s grade point average by 4.0 and multiply this by 35. Adjust student’s grade point average, as shown in the example, if the school uses a 5.0 grading system. Example: Student A has GPA = 3.5/4.0 system 3.5 = 87.5; .875 x 35 = 30.625 points 4.0 Example: Student B has GPA = 4.5/5.0 system 4.5-1 = 3.5 = .875 x 35 = 30.625 points

Letter and resume from student (20 points possible)

  1. The student shall write a letter describing his/her interest in meat science, possible career choice, and their expectations from attending RMC. (15 points max.) Points awarded by AMSA Scholastic Award committee members will reflect the candidate’s written communication skills. All letters should be single spaced, in Times New Roman 12pt font, and not to exceed two pages.
  2. The student shall write a one-page resume. (5 points max.) Points awarded by the committee will be based on an evaluation of the resume as tailored to accompany a job application in the meat/food industry.
Meat Science Activities (35 points max)
  1. Participate in an AMSA hosted/facilitated Youth Programs event (i.e. meat judging, quiz bowl, research competition, iron chef, intercollegiate bbq contest, etc.)(6 points max.).
  2. Meat/muscle biology lab employee/volunteer/leadership role (6 points max.) Includes processing and/or meat/food quality control, HACCP record management, short course assistance, chemistry, microbiology or research laboratory experience. Must include a statement of length of employment/service and what was gained from the experience.
  3. Employment/internship/co-op in commercial meat processing and/or allied industry. (9 points max.) Include a statement of length of employment and what was gained from the work experience. Employment should be completed or in progress at the time the application is submitted.
  4. Teaching assistant experience in meat science. (4 points max.) Must include a statement to indicate scope and depth of assistance. This should include course titles, numbers and types of lectures/labs, and/or extension courses taught. Also tell what knowledge/skills were gained from the experience.
  5. Undergraduate research project in meat/food science. (6 points max.) Student should be involved in the project design and have the major responsibility for carrying it out. A statement of objective, responsibilities, methods and a brief summary of results should be included. Research must be completed before graduation.
  6. Participation in AMSA / Meat Industry events. (4 points max.) Participation in and/or attendance at student leadership conference, professional meetings, trade conventions, industry/short courses, extension meetings, etc. Include statements of duties and/or what was gained from the experience.
Other Activities (10 points possible) 
  1. Elected officer and/or appointed committee chair positions in student agricultural clubs/organizations. (3 points max.)
  2. Elected and/or appointed officer in other university clubs, government and/or honoraries. (3 points max.)
  3. Miscellaneous Activities (4 points MAX.) Membership/participation in miscellaneous campus groups/activities i.e. ag. teams, residence group, dorm, fraternity, sorority and/or off-campus activities i.e. athletics, clubs, organizations and associations.
Nominated students will be assigned points by each Undergraduate Scholastic Award committee member. After points are assigned, each member will rank students.