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AMSA Student Teaching "Cleaver" Award

Background Statement

AMSA Student Teaching " Cleaver" Award

A meat cleaver is resilient and designed to break through soft bones and cartilage. Graduate teaching assistants are encouraged to be “cleavers”, by being resilient in teaching abilities, breaking through to students and enhancing their knowledge. The tough metal and thick blade of a cleaver is unique and more durable compared to other knives. Graduate students are expected to be durable through their own obligations, and above all to create a unique learning experience for students.


The AMSA Student Board of Directors would like to recognize one master's and one PhD student's excellence in teaching and assisting faculty with meat, animal, or food science courses.


1. The nominee must have been an MS or PhD graduate student and an active teacher or teaching assistant during the previous calendar year.
2. The nominee must have been an AMSA member during the time they were teaching.
3. Previous winners of this award are not eligible to compete again in the same level (MS/PhD)

Judging by committee based on:

  1. Ability to motivate and stimulate students.
  2. Evidence of interest in the improvement of teaching.
  3. Enthusiasm and vision for teaching meat,animal or food science.
  4. Diversification of activities, such as coaching a judging team, student training and advancement, service to department, college and university.
  5. Involvement in extracurricular student-related activities beyond teaching, such as advising and involvement in student organization, outreach, etc.
  6. Service to animal agriculture and related industries.
Nomination of Award

1. Any active professional or emeritus member of the association may make a nomination, except members of an award’s selection committee. No member may nominate himself or herself.