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Introduction to the HEARTS Framework/Understanding Trauma & Stress Training Registration - Fall 2022

This presentation is an introduction to the HEARTS (Healthy Environments And Response to Trauma in Schools) Framework, as well as dive in-depth into the first HEARTS Framework Core Guiding Principle: Understanding Trauma & Stress. 

Commitment: 2 hours of live, virtual training

Outcomes: By the end of the training, participants will:
  • Receive an introduction to the HEARTS Framework and its six Core Guiding Principles
  • Understand the stress continuum, the biological stress response, types of trauma including racial trauma and the ACEs study
  • Learn how experiences of trauma can impact brain development and the central nervous system which impact learning, self-regulation, and subsequent behavior
  • Learn strategies for classroom/school application
Audience: Adults (18 years or older) who work or interact with children & adolescents

Minimum Number of Participants: 10

Training Fee: None

Registration Close: 1 week prior to the training start date

For questions, contact Emily Denight Kelly, Project AWARE Lead Trainer, Minnesota Department of Education:
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