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Spotlight On New Technology 2023 OTC Exhibitors

Spotlight On New Technology®

For Offshore Technology Conference 2023 Exhibitors

Official Application Form
Overview of Spotlight on New Technology Awards Program
The OTC Spotlight on New Technology awards program (“Program”) is designed to highlight new technologies in the offshore energy sector for companies exhibiting at the Offshore Technology Conference (“OTC”).

This Program is available to each exhibiting company, including divisions and subdivisions. The cost for each application submitted is USD 2,500 with a limit of two submissions per company. All entries, including entry fee and all supporting documents, are due to OTC by 13 December 2022.

Applications, entry fees, and accompanying documentation will not be returned or refunded. The decision of the judges is final and incontestable. Companies selected for awards will be notified in March 2023.

Winning Technologies Receive:
  • Acknowledgement in an OTC press release;
  • Advanced recognition on the OTC website and on OTC social media platforms;
  • Acknowledgement at an on-site awards ceremony with press invited;
  • Recognition in a special section of the OTC digital conference program;
  • Designation on the exhibit floor with a customized Spotlight banner;
  • Use of the Spotlight on New Technology logo and recognize themselves as a Spotlight winner at any of the OTC events that are held within 11 months of the OTC of which they won.

Technology Criteria and Judging
Technologies to be considered for the Program must meet five general criteria—new, innovative, ready, broad interest, and significant impact. Both hardware and software technologies are applicable. Applications will be reviewed and evaluated by experts in the appropriate fields of technology. A committee made up of representatives from the OTC Board will judge the applications and determine the award recipients.  Only information submitted in writing in the application will be considered by the judges.
Spotlight on New Technology Award developed by a Small Business Award

In support and recognition of innovative technologies being developed by small businesses (less than 300 employees), OTC created a category for the Spotlight on New Technology Award reserved for innovative technologies developed by small businesses.

These winners will receive the same benefits listed above, but with the added recognition as a “Small Business Award” winner.

New technologies developed by small businesses will also be considered for the primary Spotlight on New Technology award.

Small Business Award Requirements
In order to be considered for the Small Business Award, your company must:
  • Be independently-owned and operated or a not-for-profit concern.
  • Have no more than 300 employees for the preceding twelve months (as of the application deadline).
  • Meet all other Spotlight on New Technology Award requirements.

Please check the box “Yes” on Question 16 of this application if you would like to be considered for this new award.

Companies do not need to apply separately for the Small Business Award. Checking “Yes” on Question 16, confirming eligibility, makes a small business eligible to receive a Spotlight on New Technology Award in either category, using a single application.