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Train-the-Trainer Level 1 Request Form

Overview: Train the Trainer Level 1 program improves the effectiveness of trainers and the material they present at a time when agencies need to vastly improve the skills and knowledge of their frontline workforce.

Center staff will travel to your agency to provide the training for a class of up to 10 participants.  An effective train-the-trainer session requires 6-10 participants.  If you have a smaller group, the TWC can work with you on coordinating with other locations, state or regionally-based training, or other options. The cost can be split among collaborating locations.

During the course, participants learn:

  • The characteristics of adult learners and how they learn
  • Adult learning instructional techniques successfully used by the Center’s Consortium member agencies
  • Basic instructional skills, including presenting content, answering questions, leading lively discussions, managing audio visual aids, and monitoring class time
  • Presentation skills and confidence building
  • Communications techniques to engage learners and foster learning
  • How to conduct lab and hands-on exercise to aid trainees’ learning

If you are unsure if trainer training is right for your organization or would simply like more information, please fill out the form with whatever information you have currently, and TWC staff will follow up with you.
5. Select the occupations in which the participants currently or will in the future act as trainers: *This question is required.
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This question requires a valid date format of MM/DD/YYYY.